Ehrenamtliche in Deutschland

Unser Vorstand

1. Vorsitzender und Mitgründer von ASPMT Deutschland e.V.: FABIAN DRANICKI

2. Vorsitzender und Mitgründer von ASPMT Deutschland e.V.:


Kassenwartin und Mitgründerin von ASPMT Deutschland e.V.:


Ehrenamtliche in Togo

Präsident und Gründer von ASPMT in Togo: Prince Yaotse Badjene
Präsident und Gründer von ASPMT in Togo: Prince Yaotse Badjene







Deputy Secretary General:  SAMBOE EUGENIE




Coordinator for Climate and Environment: HOUESSOU INNOCENT LOPEZ


Coordinator for Water and Sanitation: Mr. R. AYIVISSAKA MENSSAN AYI MAWUBEDJRO


Coordinator for Agriculture: Mr. MARCELLIN GBINOU


Coordinator for Education: Mr. R. OCLOO JOEL


Coordinator for the defense of human rights: Mrs. ANTHONY AFI ANNE-MARIE


Coordinator for Health: Mr. DJATOUBE TOGOVILLE


All people working for ASPMT do this voluntarily and have the passion to serve people in need. Everybody has his/her own strengths, knowledge and work experience. Therefore, many different people coordinate things at ASPMT, so that we can guarantee a good care while doing our projects.


The vision of the ASSOCIATION FOR THE HEALTH AND THE PREVENTION OF TROPICAL DISEASES is to bring psycho-social development to the people and especially those that are disadvantaged.


Climate / Environment

Ensure equilibrium of the ecosystem, reduction of the carbon rate, promote reforestation and support the planting of ecoprotective trees, preserve watersources, green spaces, promote the natural ecology, and rebalance the forests. 



Support the actions of individuals and the collective towards the promotion of health, from disease prevention to treatment. 



Promote education for all and support equal opportunities for urban and rural middle-class children, including girls' education, supporting children in school attendance and providing a better learning environment.

Promote the autonomy and learning of young people who have left school very early. 


Water heater / Hygiene / Sanitation

Promote the supply of drinking water in rural areas and with adequate means of drilling systems, pumps with human motility, teach techniques and methods of hygiene to reduce the incidences of mortality. 



Promoting organic farming and the use of natural composting inputs.

Bring rural women to a healthy and evolving agriculture.


Defense of human rights

Promoting the most basic rights of children and women as the goals of sustainable development. 


Our goal is to bring a well-being of life to planet earth and to people living better with access to minimum basic services and acceptable health. As part of this we want to ensure food self-sufficiency in natural quality, reduce infant mortality rates, and infestations due to lack of hygiene, to create hope for future generations,  ...


Means of action

Our actions will go through training, conferences and seminars, installation of public toilets, creation of health centers, sensitization, reforestation, fairground medicine, camps, installation of solar panels, manufacture of compost for a bio agriculture, ... 


President's word

In the face of the great global challenges and the current challenges, it is urgent for me to launch the awakening of the collective conscience in the face of climate threats, global health, the quality of agriculture, sanitation and drinking water supply, social peace and the defense of human rights. It is important that policymakers, civil society and all social classes unify their action for a better world. 

-Reverend Prince Yaotse Badjene -

President of ASPMT